BIM Montenegro (BIM MNE) is a professional association in the field of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design Construction (VDC) technologies, founded in Podgorica, Montenegro in July 2020. Its founders are: Europrojekt, Sharh, Dejan Rihtman, Enforma and DVARP+C. Registered as a national organisation, BIM MNE is an independent, non-governmental association, established for the purpose of organising networking, interaction, education and the exchange of experiences among academic experts , engineers, enthusiasts and other interested individuals in the field, as well as working on the standardisation of BIM and VDC technologies and their application, and cooperating with domestic and foreign organisations and public institutions engaged in similar activities, or who may benefit from this activity.

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We aim to highlight the significant potential of BIM / VDC technologies in development, as a common driver of efficiency and effectiveness in the design, construction and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure.



• Gathering experts and enthusiasts in the field of information technologies, as well as related areas of BIM / VDC technology;

• Creating and maintaining a single register of BIM engineers and experts, as well as companies using BIM / VDC technology in their business;

• Educating and informing members and the general public about BIM / VDC technology, its practical application, and novelties in the field;

• Organizing professional meetings, seminars, fairs, training, consultations, workshops and conferences on BIM / VDC technology;

• Exchange of knowledge and experiences between members of the Association, as well as between the Association and other domestic and foreign professional associations and communities;

• Initiating changes in methods for planning and constructing buildings, how these are used and managing the BIM approach;

• Providing information on the construction industry, especially regarding the BIM approach;

• Encouraging and accelerating the implementation of the BIM approach in construction;

• Increasing the competitiveness of construction companies in the domestic as and foreign markets;

• Connecting professional individuals and legal entities with domestic and foreign organizations, investors and companies;

• Standardization of the application of the BIM approach and encouraging better cooperation in construction;

• Participation in the preparation of guidelines and regulations in the field of BIM / VDC technologies.



• Cooperation with relevant entities to further enhance the association’s endeavours; 

• Impacting construction industry legislation as regards the application of BIM technology; 

• Encouraging the implementation of measures for sustainable economic development; 

• Developing and/or participating in the standardisation of BIM technology application; 

• Education and education development for BIM experts; 

• Development and implementation of BIM certification, and harmonisation with domestic and foreign market demands; 

• Drafting of final documents towards standardisation and better cooperation;

• Provide information, education and promotion for the application of BIM technology in construction;

• Publishing and disseminating information and/or research relevant to the goals of the association;

• Organization and management of events, such as seminars, workshops, conferences and annual meetings;

• Work to position the association at the national and international levels as a reliable and effective leader in the development of BIM approaches.


Our member companies offer support and access to relevant data and information. 

A number of these companies can provide training or access to BIM catalogues and models, as well as other reliable data important for the implementation of your project.